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Is that a smartphone on your wrist?

Samsung has released about forty smartwatches since the introduction of that original Galaxy Gear, so I’ll excuse you if you haven’t yet been introduced to the Gear S. Long Zheng of istartedsomething has a hands-on, complete with more than a couple of photos you really should check out:

Putting the Gear S on the wrist makes a very compelling argument for the curved screen. No doubt the screen is big looking at it front-on (and I have tiny arms), but the fact that the screen is curved actually minimises its profile from the side. To put it another way, if the screen this size was not curved than it would have been an unwieldy bulge on my arms.

I mean, look at that thing. I understand part of the utility of a smartwatch stems from the fact that you’re putting some of the things you might want to do on a smartwatch on your wrist, but do you really want to look like you’re actually wearing one on your wrist?

I don’t care how functional this device is, how lag-free it is or how well it integrates with your smartphone. That thing is hideous, and you absolutely will look ridiculous wearing one in a public space. A good smartwatch should be functional from both a technological standpoint as well as a fashion one. If you thought previous Samsung Gear devices were bad, this is just a whole other level of crazy.