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Is Samsung disjointed, behind the times?

Here’s an interesting one - Vlad Savov, arguing that Samsung is behind the times, and needs a Galaxy S6 today rather than tomorrow (or early 2015) in order to fend off the iPhone 6 and the Moto X (2014):

The problem now is that faster-moving competitors are making Samsung’s offerings appear inadequate, disjointed, and behind the times. At the moment, the most attractive Samsung phone is the Galaxy Alpha, the most durable and versatile Samsung phone is still the flagship S5, and the most advanced and capable Samsung phone is the incoming Note 4 (or its near-identical sibling, the Note Edge). So if I walk into a store today and say, give me Samsung’s answer to the iPhone 6, which of the three would you offer me? There’s no obvious and satisfying answer. Granted, the Note 4 matches up well against the iPhone 6 Plus, but for all the praise both devices have received, they will not be either company’s best selling device. Samsung needs a Note 4 mini to go up against the iPhone 6 regular.

I’m not a Samsung guy by any stretch of the imagination, nor do I think that the Galaxy S5 is a particularly great phone, but I think it’s still pretty obvious what Samsung’s answer to the iPhone 6 is - the Galaxy S5. It played its hand earlier than Apple and falls short in some areas - particularly design, especially next to the Note 4 and the Alpha - but really, Samsung has such a lock on the Android market that the Moto X isn’t really a threat and many people interested in Samsung phones aren’t going to be swayed by the iPhone 6 as it is.

Perhaps Samsung needs a “Galaxy S6” to convince the group of people on the edge between the iPhone 6 and a Samsung offering, but how many of those people would be swayed if the Galaxy S5 was made out of aluminum instead of cheap, horrible plastic? It’s not like the S5 is slow, has a poor camera, or a small screen.