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Early reports indicate 1 GB of RAM in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Phone Arena puts two and two together using a screenshot of a memory test run on an iPhone 6 Plus:

Judging from the screenshot here, however, it still keeps the 1 GB of RAM amount that the Apple iPhone 6 carries, so Apple stays true to its tradition not to overdo the iPhone’s specs without a tangible reason. Given the way that iOS 8 multitasks, and the fact that all the software in the App Store runs fine with this amount of RAM, Apple’s approach seems to be working, so it won’t be at least until next year when we see an iPhone with more than 1 GB of RAM on board.

I don’t doubt that 1 GB of RAM is enough for what most people are doing today on iOS 8, but I can’t help but worry about this. Anybody who’s ever juggled multiple Safari tabs knows how prone Safari is at dumping pages with such little RAM, and who knows how memory intensive future versions of iOS will be.

Just take a look at the first-generation iPad and the first-generation iPad mini. Both had “enough” RAM to get along fine with their respective default operating systems, but both were nigh unusable by the time the latest supported iOS release came out.